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  • My Trigger-Happy Wife

    My beautiful, cute, sexy wife and soulmate is an overly-enthusiastic, passionate, obsessive, trigger-happy shooter …using a semi-automatic, pocket-size, point-and-shoot DIGITAL CAMERA. Thank God! She has the passion and enthusiasm of taking pictures. In any event, occasion or gatherings, taking pictures is a mandatory part. It is amusing to hear my Sweetie shouting “picture” wherever we […]

  • Hell Freezes Over

    My mind was on autopilot browsing the internet when my 8-year old son, JJ, asked me some questions. “Dad, why did God allow His son to die on the cross? Why did Jesus not ‘kapooof’ himself and went straight to heaven before they had time to kill him?” I was amazed. I had to lean […]

  • I’ve Seen And Touched An Angel

    I was told to wait outside the delivery room. A nun came with a bible in her hands. Moments later the door to the delivery room swung open. A nurse and an assistant came out pushing a cart with a container on top. The nun met up with them. One of the nurses pointed at […]

  • The Bravest Woman I’ve Ever Known

    The Bravest Woman I’ve Ever Known

    The nurse pushed the IV needle into her arm, then she pulled it out quickly. She said she missed the vein. The nurse tried it the second time. She missed again. She said the vein was too small. My wife lies on the hospital bed preparing to deliver our fourth child. I’ve been beside her […]

  • A Simple, Heartfelt Tribute To My Soulmate, My Wife, The-Love-Of-My-Life.

    A Simple, Heartfelt Tribute To My Soulmate, My Wife, The-Love-Of-My-Life.

    My eyes got tired staring at the computer monitor and my hand felt numb working the mouse. I leaned back, stretched my feet and hands out as far as they can go as I breathed in as much air my lungs can contain. I exhaled slowly then closed my eyes. My mind started to process […]

  • Soulmate


    What is a soulmate? I started giving serious reflection on this question during my senior year in the Seminary. (Strange, huh?) Actually I have been toying with the idea of the existence of a soulmate long before I entered the seminary. Casually, though. My definition of a soulmate is very personal. My soulmate is a […]

  • The Story of Us

    The Story of Us

    CHAPTER 1 … And there were two lives … unique, separate, distinct …(and God was very pleased) He was born high up on the mountains;she was born in the plains.He is a country boy; she is a city girl.He grew up running up and down the hills …scaling trees and chasing cool early morning mountain […]