The Story of Us


… And there were two lives … unique, separate, distinct …
(and God was very pleased)

He was born high up on the mountains;
she was born in the plains.
He is a country boy; she is a city girl.
He grew up running up and down the hills …
scaling trees and chasing cool early morning mountain breeze;
She was raised in the Metropolis
and rode with the amazing changes of the world of civilzation, industrialization and the wonders of ever evolving sphere
of fashion, arts & socialization.

They both had a desire for learning.
He went down … she went up … to the city of Baguio.
There in St. Louis University (College of Law),
their paths crossed.
(God’s plan for all eternity was slowly taking place.)
They were acquainted with each other.
Then became friends … close friends.

But he was not the kind of man she had been dreaming of.
And she was not his ideal girl.
They were the exact opposites: He is silent, she is loud;
he is patient, she’s not … so very different in many ways.
So, they remained just that … close friends.
He takes her out, she sends him cards.
He calls her on the phone, she writes him letters.
They go out together to unwind boring times
and to break the montonous cycle of a law student’s life.
They hear mass together, watch movies,
stroll along Session Road… nothing serious really.

But then his consciousness tingled his imagination:
“What if she is the manifestation of his time-kept belief called ’soulmate’?”

As it was conceived by their Creator,
their friendship was not bound to remain idle forever.
It was meant to flourish and grow to a higher level of being …
of awareness .. of existence.
Then, a powerful, irresistible force
arising from within their very soul
drew them closer … so close that he was able to appreciate
beauty in him in her, and in her in him.
That’s when they became more than close friends.
(And God went ‘kilig’ with every twist and turn of His obra maestra.)

They started as lovers not with a bang
but with a deafening silence.
A language only their hearts could appreciate.
Their love developed and grew
from the deepest recesses of their hearts.
Just like a good seed planted in a fertile soil,
diligently tended by the loving hands of Him
who summoned them into being, their love grew & flourished at every life they breathed everyday.
Nothing so pure, so beautiful, so wonderful than being
one of hearts, of soul, of body in this life.

So that on December 8, 1998,
they lifted up their lives and love in a humble offering
in response to the call of God, filled with so much hope
that His plan will be realized in them and through them.

… 25 years later …

… 50 years thereafter …






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