My Trigger-Happy Wife

My beautiful, cute, sexy wife and soulmate is an overly-enthusiastic, passionate, obsessive, trigger-happy shooter …using a semi-automatic, pocket-size, point-and-shoot DIGITAL CAMERA. Thank God!

She has the passion and enthusiasm of taking pictures. In any event, occasion or gatherings, taking pictures is a mandatory part.

It is amusing to hear my Sweetie shouting “picture” wherever we are and whatever we’re doing. Not even the “No taking of photos” signs can deter her from surreptitiously snapping not only one, but at least two shots. This is the reason why she loves the burst mode or the multiple shoot function of the camera.

I have no objection to her enthusiasm in taking photos except during those occasions when I was so famished and mouth-watering delicacies were served in front of me, but I was not allowed yet to have my fill until she has taken picture of each and every delicacy in different angles, lightings, color modes, visual effects. Aaaaggghhh!

It has long been established that human memory oftentimes does not record the minute details of all our experiences. Thus, we have difficulty remembering exact details of all the past events in our lives. Our pictures and videos help us re-live the particular event when they were taken. They help bring back the emotions we were into when the photo or video was taken. Our children will surely appreciate that we took time to record some events in their growing up years that they don’t even have memory about. They also give us contrast and sense of awe by comparison on how far we have become and how big we have expanded.

We have tons of pictures and videos that our computer hard drives need to be upgraded to the Terabyte level. All thanks to the enthusiasm of my Sweetiepie in taking photos and videos. In fact, our photos and videos are two of our most treasured and priceless possessions. They never fail to give us the feeling of joy every time we watch them. They are irreplaceable snap shots and records of events long time gone that somehow encapsulated the joy and beauty of life when they were taken.

I cannot help but be grateful for the joy that emanates from my heart every time I look at our pictures and videos. I am indeed grateful that my wife has that kind of passion and enthusiasm in capturing and recording the joys and beauty of life as they happen.

Isn’t it wonderful that we have the ability to capture events of our lives in the present and bring them along with us in the future? The irony is that when we view those pictures or videos in the future, we always do it in the present, and the pictures and videos become records of our past lives brought along in the present, not in our future. It doesn’t make sense at all, does it? Yet it does. It certainly does.
God bless the makers of cameras and camcorders.






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