A Simple, Heartfelt Tribute To My Soulmate, My Wife, The-Love-Of-My-Life.

My eyes got tired staring at the computer monitor and my hand felt numb working the mouse. I leaned back, stretched my feet and hands out as far as they can go as I breathed in as much air my lungs can contain. I exhaled slowly then closed my eyes. My mind started to process a lot of random thoughts that were racing all over my brain. A thought suddenly stood out. It was a question.


So far, so good. I am very happy and excited about how our lives are unfolding right before us. Life has been very good to me. I’ve done things I never thought I could do. I’ve been to places I used to see only in pictures. It felt wonderful. But then again I was able to accomplish these things by reason of the love, unwavering support, encouragement and, oftentimes, a gentle prod from my wife, my soulmate.

For those who believe in soulmate and have already found theirs, you know exactly what I am taking about.

Ever since our lives merged as one, she became the guiding light that assists me in choosing the right path to follow.

Direction? To follow what? Right path?

I always believed that we, human beings, are destined to find fulfillment to the life we live here on earth. That is, at that very last moment of consciousness before the mind is disengaged from the brain and before the soul is separated from the mortal body, we feel joy, gratitude and, somehow, a sense of accomplishment and pride, that we ever lived. However, human experiences have also taught us that although the main path to fulfillment is straight, the whole stretch has a lot of crossroads and countless diversions that branch out to different directions. Many people who followed these roads have gone astray. Human freedom. Then at the twilight years of their lives, they felt emptiness, shame and haplessness. A wasted life.

My soulmate has been keeping me on the right track. If God says that my life is demanded of me at this very moment, I will be very sad for my wife and my kids, but somehow, I will be grateful and pleased to have lived and experienced the joy of living a meaningful existence.

My soulmate, my guiding light.

Her great love, great faith and wisdom have been making it easy for me to see the most important things in this life.

We’ve been married for barely 10 years now, but we’ve had enough share of the trials and difficulties of building a family in this fast-paced, ever changing human world. Our family has since been facing our trials head on and everytime the smoke clears, we emerge from the rubles sometimes bruised but always whole and intact. This is attributed mainly to her unwaivering faith in the Family-first principle. She is a loving, caring and responsible wife, a good-mother-of-a-family.

She has a very compassionate heart and free-flowing sense of charity and kindness to every human being who needs one. That makes me feel ashamed of myself for failing to emulate her sometimes. She is gentle, yet strong-willed. She is fair in her business dealings and always ensures that justice is served.

Her great faith in God cannot be questioned.

She has an optimistic approach to life and to any given situation. She doesn’t accept NO as a solution. She knew there is always a solution to a problem, always. She is full of ideas and energy to implement them. Oftentimes when I am sluggish or stuck on my work or responsibility, she always encourages and cheers me up, sometimes pushes me forward to accomplish the task.

My soulmate, my wife. The love of my life. Beautiful inside-out. My inspiration to keep doing what is right.

What a great life.

Thank you, my Sweetiepie, for your great love and for giving me a foretaste of what heavenly life is like. With you by my side, there is nothing to worry about.






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