The Bravest Woman I’ve Ever Known

The nurse pushed the IV needle into her arm, then she pulled it out quickly. She said she missed the vein. The nurse tried it the second time. She missed again. She said the vein was too small.

My wife lies on the hospital bed preparing to deliver our fourth child. I’ve been beside her on all of her three previous deliveries, all by caesarean section. I’ve seen nurses administer IV needles on her. But not like this. They did it on one try. So when the nurse pushed the IV needle on my wife’s arm the third time, my stomach almost turned inside out. I struggled not to throw up. My whole body was sweating though I felt cold. My pulse was racing. I had difficulty breathing. For a brief moment I felt a gush of warm blood rushed to my head then my vision became blurry, everything looked gray. I almost collapsed.

Then it dawned on me, “what if I was the one on that hospital bed taking all those needle shots? would I be able to withstand the pain?” I actually thought of it on several occasions before, but not with much sincerity like this time.

And that was just the IV needle. What about the other causes of pains of pregnancy that I’ve seen my wife endure before? No, I wouldn’t be able to take such pain. My wife is, indeed, a superwoman.

During the first month of pregnancy, my wife’s lower back starts aching and lasts until after giving birth. That’s almost nine months of back pain to go along with headaches, leg cramps, nausea, stress, and every imaginable pain caused by hormonal and physical changes due to pregnancy. Nine months of bodily pain. My wife has gone through all those pains on five occasions, though the fifth one lasted for three months only, coz she had a miscarriage. But four times of nine-month bodily pain!

But that was not all. After enduring a nine-month bodily pain and discomfort, she has to deliver via caesarean section. Four deliveries via cesarean section! She readily endured all kinds of needles that were administered to her. IV needles, blood sample needles, anaesthetic needles, and the epidural needles that needed to be injected in an area surrounding her spinal cord while she arches her back in a sitting up position.

Then came the actual delivery. The Doctor had to cut her open. On her fourth delivery, she actually felt the knife cut her skin. The doctor ordered a higher dose of epidural be administered but without effect. The anaesthesia lost its effect on her body. The doctor decided to put her to sleep before they delivered the baby.

On five different occasions, my wife wholeheartedly put her life in the line of death in order to give life. What guts, what bravery!

But is my wife really insensitive to pain? No. She is actually a crybaby. The sight of blood freaks her out. But she didn’t mind going through all the pains of child bearing, of child birth and betting on with her own life because she has a tremendous heart that is overflowing with great love. A selfless love. Unselfish and pure. Sincere and complete.

Her love did not end at childbirth but continued at every stage in the lives of our kids. Our children are so much blessed to have a mother who readily emptied herself out just so they will have life and live that life to the fullest.

She made me appreciate more my mother who, at one time in her life, did the same thing of putting her life on the line just so I would be able to experience the joy and wonder of being alive.

Every time I think about these, I can feel a shiver going down my spine. I get goose bumps all over my body. I’m humbled. The least I can do is to love and respect her always.

Hats off to my wonderful wife. I love you dearly and always. May God give you long life to enjoy the fruits of your sacrifices. God bless you and our Family.






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