I’ve Seen And Touched An Angel

I was told to wait outside the delivery room. A nun came with a bible in her hands. Moments later the door to the delivery room swung open. A nurse and an assistant came out pushing a cart with a container on top. The nun met up with them. One of the nurses pointed at me, “He is the father.”

Earlier that Sunday morning, we decided to have a little stroll in Mines view Park after hearing a mass. My wife was now on her third month of pregnancy. While we were in Mines view Park, my wife suddenly felt pain in her abdomen followed by slight bleeding. We rushed to the hospital. The doctor and nurses conducted physical examinations. Her cervix was 3 cm dilated. She underwent an ultrasound where it was discovered that the baby had already left the uterus and just about ready to come out. She was immediately brought to the delivery room as the abdominal pain and bleeding intensified.

I was not really sure what was on my mind the whole time I was waiting for the inevitable. What was I supposed to think? For the past four deliveries I used to say, “Thank you Lord for this another blessing to our family.”

The nun motioned at me to approach them. There on top of the cart I saw our baby. We baptized him. I touched his head. He felt so soft and warm. The feeling was never different as when I first laid my hand on each our four kids, except that this time, our new baby did not acknowledge my touch. No sound, no movement. He lay motionless, peacefully at rest.

Everything happened so suddenly. There was no indication whatsoever that this would happen. When things finally sunk in, I gave thanks to God, “Thank you Lord for this another blessing to our family.”

We named him Jonathan. He is now in his Creator’s home, constantly gazing at the face of God.

He is our family Angel.

Why did God take him physically away from us so soon?

Maybe God was not supposed to show him to us in the first place. But because of His great love and mercy, He let us feel the joy and wonder of seeing and touching an Angel.

Though we don’t see him physically, we feel his strong presence in our family always. Angel Jonathan did not leave us, but he now joins our family in a higher form of existence where we will one day join him in joyful reunion and communion with God.

Thank You God for giving us that opportunity to experience the joy of touching the body and gazing at the face of our Angel Jonathan. We know that You’ve never taken him away from us, rather, You gave him to us in the form of an Angel to guide, protect and pray for us so that the very reason why You built our family will not be defeated but that it will be brought to completion. Thank You God for loving our family that much.






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