Welcome to our virtual Home

We are the JmJ Family: created by God out of love and for love. We endeavor to continue practicing and living out the values and principles of a Christian family that is devoted to service of our fellowmen and mother earth for the glory of our Creator.

As recipient of countless blessing ourselves, we strive to continue being a channel of blessings and inspiration to all people around us and those within our circle of influence as well. We want to show the world that the family, though imperfect as it is, is still the premier bastion of all goodness that makes this world a better place and enables everyone to create the best of themselves too.

Our Seminars

We conduct online and onsite seminars where we teach our audience how to manage their emotions, change their mindset and improve their finance.

it’s time! financial house

You will learn how to build your financial house the proper way in order to withstand financial challenges

it’s time! energy

Everything in the universe is composed of energy. Learn how to use this energy to live the life you’ve always wanted.

it’s time! from zero to multi-milyonaryo

Join us as we relate valuable lessons learned and practical steps in our journey from zero to multi-millions in investments.

it’s time! law of attraction (loa)

Just like the law of gravity, the law of attraction keeps working whether you believe it or not. Learn how to use this law to your advantage.

it’s time! stock market simplified

We will teach you the step-by-step process on stock market investment in a simplified manner that even kids understand.

it’s time! praxis

This is a game where you will learn strategies on how to manage your finances in various phases that our economy cycles trough.

Our Talk Shows

We have several talk shows where we share our family practices that were effective in helping us remain happy and grateful for all the blessings we receive every single day.

it’s time! wow (wisdom on wednesdays)

Every Wednesday, we invite wisdom filled individuals to share their expertise to our audience.

it’s time! red couch discussion

The JmJ kids share their opinions on topics they are interested in and issues that affect the community.

it’s time! family matters

We believe that family is the most important unit in our society so we made this program as our contribution in keeping family bond and relationships remain strong.

it’s time! couple power

We just want to share our practices, belief and values that made our marriage withstand challenges.

it’s time! chill & grow

Weekly online meeting where our Sun Life unit, Canada Geese, get to meet in a relaxing environment to share the things that we are grateful for and lots of laughters.

it’s time! celebrate & glorify god

This is our time to lift up our praises in songs and prayer to God who continuously pour out countless blessings upon us.

Dad’s Blogs

  • The Bravest Woman I’ve Ever Known

  • A Simple, Heartfelt Tribute To My Soulmate, My Wife, The-Love-Of-My-Life.

  • Soulmate

Got any book recommendations?

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