We are The JMJ Family

JMJ Family 2018

We are unique family in so many ways.

First, we have FIVE kids all born via C-section.
Second, we work at home and anywhere at anytime.
Third, we go and visit places as a family.
Fourth, our kids do not go to traditional school. Their school is the place where they are at any given time.
In other words, we have complete control on how and where we spend our time.

So, how were we able to achieve this level of time-freedom for our family?

It’s not magic. We decided to live like this. We followed certain steps and programs consistently until we got the desired results.

We chose a career that gave us the freedom to work anywhere, anytime. It also provides a very generous financial compensation for the quality time we spent helping and educating Filipinos.

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We are Law of Attraction Practitioners. We incorporate the teachings and practices of LOA gurus like EFT, Ho’oponopono, NLP, Energy Breathing Technique, etc. in our day to day activities as a way of manifesting our desired result.

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First things first. We built our Financial House the proper way. We secured our children’s Start Up funds and our Retirement Fund as well. Our future looks brighter indeed. Now, we are enjoying our semi-retirement life in our 40’s.

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