Reflection is an extremely useful ability given to us by God. It allows us to know what we’ve done wrong and how we can be a better person.

For example, I’ve done a lot of bad things to my parents like lie or cheat, but I never go beyond steal. And the reason why I don’t do this is because I learn through reflection, and tell myself that I am better than this, and that I can still turn from my current ways.

If you see yourself in 10 years doing what you are currently doing, would you be happy with your decision and choices? Or would you regret it? Either way, reflecting makes you look directly into your heart.

Reflection is a gateway to your soul too. If you look back on your actions and find many of them not as good as you have wanted them to be, you can change your way of thinking and start doing the things that actually make you feel like a better person.

Yesterday was Happy Father’s Day, and I made a really bad mistake. But I changed that day for the better, and all turned out fine in the end.

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