Mistakes Made Miracles

Yesterday, on Father’s Day, which was supposed to be a happy day, I accidentally cracked the router to our internet, causing Dad to really get angry. And since it was Father’s Day, of course, I felt really guilty about starting that morning on a reeeeaaaally bad foot. Also, not helping to my cause, I was grounded and was forbidden from bringing any sort of entertainment outside of the house, so I couldn’t really wallow in my shame of making Dad angry.

So while we drove to the Feast, it was really quiet and awkward. At least for me. I still haven’t apologized, but I still didn’t have the heart to say sorry for him. Maybe it was because I felt really bad about myself, for making Dad angry, or having my siblings take the same punishment as I have. Either way, I was silent all the way to PICC, and nothing more was said by me.

When we arrived, we had missed the Holy Mass, and I brought my siblings to Awesome Kids. I went to YH, where I was recapping on what happened during the talk. And while I was listening to these Father’s Day talks by Kuya Mon, listening to the worship and the Word, I actually felt the Scripture speak to me somehow.

Why I realized this is because I felt emotional and actually shed a tear, but I wiped it away, hoping no one would notice.

Later, during the TRC seminar, when I was giving a surprise speech to Ninong Bo and Dad, even if I didn’t make it great or grand or perfect, I just wanted to convey how I felt for Dad. I don’t even remember what I said, but I remember feeling happy that I said all these good things about Dad.

After the event ended, while we were in the car, I finally apologized to Dad, and a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. Dad talked with me, I talked with him, and all was well. We ate at Tiendesitas, had a huge feast with another family we were closely acquainted with and bumped into there. That night was really fun, and it was one of those memories I would always cherish.

Then I remembered the router I broke that morning, how I got grounded and was prevented from bringing any electronics that morning. I realized that maybe me dropping that router wasn’t just sheer bad luck or a mere coincidence. Maybe God planned it all out so that I break something precious and make things seem bad, but then He’ll later change everything and make the day end happily.

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