June 10, 2017: Don’t Be Lazy!

Have you ever thought of why some people are just stuck in life? Just sitting around with nothing to do?

Is it because they don’t do anything to change it? Is it because they are content with their dormant lives? Is it because they don’t have the passion, the drive, the vision and realization in them? You’d be shocked that the answer is yes.

Most people just think that if they ask God for a wish or desire to be granted, He will give it to them on a silver platter, with angels on trumpets on each side of the silver platter as it descends from a glowing Heaven on a cloud and praises and songs from Heaven are heard. Every single time they ask Him.

But then they get really down, depressed and disappointed in God if they do not see their wishes granted.

Truth of the matter hurts. That’s not faith in God. That’s just plain laziness. In religious terms, one of the 7 deadly sins which is Sloth.

I’m not saying that it’s a sin to ask stuff from God. I’m just stating matter-of-factly that sometimes in life, effort is required.

God didn’t create a vast universe inside our body called the brain for nothing. He didn’t give us hands and feet for nothing. He created us in His image and likeness. And God is THE CREATOR.

Wouldn’t that mean that we can create anything? Of course, even God had to work somehow.

In the Bible, it says that God worked for 6 days and then rested on the seventh day, when He saw that all was well. He even went through His work to see if everything was in the way He wanted it to be. “And God saw that it was good.” God worked around the clock to check on His work and to make sure that all was coming into place for this very moment we are in right now. In saying this, God had worked and is still working to this very day.

So, in saying that, God worked. And he didn’t sit around and just utter random words. As He said “Let there be light”, He was actually creating reality using His words alone. He was creating light and making sure of it that there was light.

So, as humans, children of God, the Creator of the universe, we have the ability to do stuff. And not just with words. With action too, you know.

We have the capacity to work from day to night, the minds to work on mind-blowing achievements and discoveries. The energy to run for miles, and the unique ability to adapt and advance with time.’

Think of all you can achieve in this world. You are just more than a person with a mind and arms and legs. You are a person that can create anything and everything, just as long as you put your heart and soul into the effort.

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