May 06, 2017: 10 Facts About Me

1. Let’s start with an introduction. Hello, I am JJ Tayaban. I am 15 years old, with my birthday on Spetember 26.

1. I’m a writer who usually is extremely lazy in terms of trying to compose any story, many times leading to Writer’s Block and closely related diseases and illnesses.

2. I’ve been abroad 3 times in my life. Once when I went to Canada before I was a year old, and 2 times going to America.

3. I’m an extremely proud homeschooler with years of self-education, with an ever-growing and learning mind that can pick up patterns of knowledge with ease.

4. I’m easily distracted by anything, mostly my imagination. Because when I’m in the middle of a lecture, my mind wanders off into Dreamland and Sleepyville, and that’s when I find the good stuff for the stories I write.

5. I’m a grammar Nazi. That means that whatever mistake comes up on in any story or fanfiction I read, I cringe and never read the story again.

6. I also double check for any mistakes I make in any of the articles I write so that 10 years into the future, I’ll look back at myself now and my writing will be at least tolerable for the future me to read.

7. I like reading. In my fanfiction database, I read at least 2 million words worth of stories. And I like long stories too. If the fanfiction and/or book has less that a 100 thousand words and hasn’t been updated in a year, I’m not interested. I like long stories.

8. I like cooking, and Mom knows it. All I see in the fridge is just milk, sauces, condiments, and that isn’t enough for a meal. I cook my own meals, so that means I need the best and the freshest ingredients just like back home in the Philippines. Unfortunately, here in America, stores are a mile away, meaning we have to use a car to go the grocery as compared to the Philippines where the flea market is right around the corner.

9. I’ve been taught about self control, and that why I don’t spend a lot of money and instead, have a lot of savings on hand. That also means that I have a lot of investments and savings in the stock market, which is how I got to the US in the first place.

10. I like stating what’s on my mind. I like sharing facts and opinions, stories, ideas, knowledge in general and many other stuff. You know, the mind can hold all the knowledge of all the computers in the world combined, and that would only take about 5% of what you can even learn. And so what I do, is to gather all this information and share it with the world, because the ideas inside my mind are so much larger than the universe itself.

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