May 05, 2017: Top 10 Facts About Lolo Bob

1. Lolo Bob used to be a famous jazz pianist here in America. He was a musician that came from Tennesse, but preformed all around the area before arriving here in Illinois.

2. Lolo Bob was really successful. So successful, in fact, that he once had a huge mansion and threw lavish parties every other week.

3. Lolo Bob’s mansion had a parkway that could fit 20 cars easily, had its own golf course, 20 bedrooms, and a carpet factory in the basement.

4. Lolo Bob, when he was young, was in the carpet business with his dad, and they made the best carpets in town during his time.

5. Since Lolo Bob was a pianist, he had a baby grand piano, a standalone piano, and 3 organs. Pressuming that he had more pianos before he moved a smaller apartment, he might have had even 10.

6. Lolo Bob has a jolly personality mixed with seriousness in his face. He would be the person who would crack a joke to break the ice, or the person who was confident in everything he believed in, or the person who would go great lengths just to make a person happy.

7. Lolo Bob loved Grams for 11 years, and he never cheated on Grams, even if he had the wealth, success, and money to do whatever he liked. He was a faithful and honest man. A man of his word, and you can trust him with any secret you held.

8. Lolo Bob loved comedy shows, the news stations, musicals and orchestra shows, especially the Lawrence Welk Show they played on tv every Saturday and Sunday evening.

9. Lolo Bob passed away soundly with a smile on his face, which was a miracle because he was in pain while the doctors did CPR, but the funeral people who dressed Lolo Bob said that he was smiling even though they didn’t shap his face.

10. If there’s any important life lesson he taught me, it’s that if you have an expired coupon you want to use, you should always act clumsy and “accidentally” rip off the expiry date and just hand the coupon over to the cashier.

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