May 03, 2017: Top 20 Facts About Grams

1. Grams birthday is today! (May 3)

2. She may look a little bit old, but the fact remains that she is still 17 years old, due to miracles from God and technological advances and procedures ( drinking ginger tea) combined.

3. Grams came to America in 2003 and stayed here until right now this very moment.  She’s gotten used to the lifestyle here that she wouldn’t want to to come back to the Philippines anymore.

4. Grams actually met Lolo Bob in Golf Mills, Illinois in 2006, became really happy together, and married him in 2010.

5. Grams likes to pray. A lot.  In fact, she made me memorize Psalm 91 here in America 2 years ago. If I didn’t memorize it in a day, she’d cut my internet service. And so there you have a miracle. Try doing that within 12 hours if you dare.  In fairness, she made my Mom memorize it as a child, and also my other siblings. So, we pray that every single day.

6. She likes crabs. And fish. And shrimps. And lobsters.

For shrimp, she likes the fresh catch. For the crabs, she likes king crabs and red crabs. For fish, she has salmon. And for lobsters, I only know red lobster so I am gonna assume she likes red lobsters.

7. She will double clean the clean house that’s already bright and shiny just to make it shinier and cleaner. A spot of dirt or smudge of oil will make her panic and frustrated. Sort of like Levi from AoT.

8. She’s the one who will do anything and everything without being told what to do. And even if I try to help her, she would still do it anyway just because she can.

9. She actually had 2 nose jobs because she thought it was too broad! She wanted a nose like the Americans (probably the reason why she’s here in the first place).

10. She thinks she’s still living in the 19th century when 1 peso was equivalent to one dollar, and everyone still used typewriters and took trains and buses to work.

And I have to teach her a lot of stuff in the months to come.

11. She would be the type of person who can run a company all on her own due to her being extremely productive and hard-working.

12. Grams can chatter about being healthy and about her own medical studies and about eating only vegetables and so on and so forth.

13. Grams had a harmonica given to her by Lolo Bob, but then she passed it on to me, which I am now practicing.

14. Grams can carry stuff twice as heavier than I can lift. Working in America sure brings out your muscles.

15. If Grams wants something, you can’t stop her from getting whatever she wants. Maybe that’s why God gave her a lot of blessings and miracles.

16. On her birthday, instead of accepting presents, she’s the one sending presents to her relatives and friends instead.

17. She can devour a try full of seafood and still have space left in her belly for 2 more trays, as explained in fact number 6.

18. She can get panicky in the car when we got too fast, and she’ll ask us to pray. For safety. At only 30 KPH. On an empty freeway.

19. She can find and detect whatever disease or sickness a person has just by looking at them and studying their behavior.

20. She knows every natural cure known for the very sickness you have. (She’ll recommend mostly ginger tea!)

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