May 02, 2017: 2 Days in Chicago: Day 2

We woke up really early that Sunday. Like, around 6 am, we were already up but really sleepy though.

The major event for the day would be the play at the Opera Theatre in downtown Chicago on Wacker Drive.

But, early that morning, we were just preparing and watching TV in bed.

The breakfast buffet that morning was from 7 to 10 am, and we decided to go later that morning and use this time to prepare ourselves.

Well, we prepared for 3 hours, most of the time distracted by Friends on TV, and by the time I realized it, it was already 9:30 am.

We had 30 minutes before breakfast was goodbye, and so we hurried preparing and everything and went down.

There wasn’t a lot of choices there, but it was a buffet, so we could eat as much of the only good stuff.

After breakfast, we finished preparing and packing all the stuff in our room.

We began our part 2 of our Chicago Tour, because yesterday, we got off at Navy Pier and didn’t finish the rest of the tour.

We toured around once again with a really nice tour guide that told us great stories about every bit of Chicago we passed by.

We got off at Navy Pier once again, because we had to now take Über to the Opera House on Wacker Drive.

We were running pretty late, and by the time we got to the Theatre, we were 5 minutes late.

Good thing that we just missed the opening of the play at around 1:40 pm.

The play was My Fair Lady. It was a play set in London a hundred years ago when there were lots of poor people on the streets.

There was a young lady who was an immigrant from America along with her father.

She was on the street when a man bumped into her and called her something demeaning or so I remember.

Anyway, the lady told the man off, but the man said that he could have made her into a fine princess in 6 months for a price.

I fell asleep most of the time, but I can remember the good parts when they made me laugh.

There was also a live orchestra, and it made me feel like a person from 100 years ago when they had their first plays and only the rich would attend.

And the one playing the main character in My Fair Lady has a voice that reminds me off Julie Andrews, and it made me think of old-timey movies.

If you’re ever in Chicago, I would recommend this play 100%.

After this play at around 5:00 pm, we went to this place called Garrett’s because apparently they had good hotdogs.

At first, we thought it was a restaurant, but when we went inside, it was more of an eatery or canteen.

In the air you would smell roast meats, soups, fancy chocolates, etc. And you would want to order everything because they just looked delicious.

I had a hotdog, Mom had an Italian Roast Beef roll, and Grams had soup and a tuna burger.

The food was really delicious. I would go back to Chicago for the play and the food alone, and we haven’t even toured half of Chicago yet.

We went home after that, really tired and sleepy but satisfied with our day.

That was part 2 of our 2 day tour in Chicago.

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