May 01, 2017: 2 Days in Chicago: Day 1

2 days ago, we went to the largest city within 50 miles of here. The bustling beautiful city of Chicago was home to many beautiful buildings and parks.

2 days ago, around 9 in the morning, we were up and preparing everything we needed for the vacation ahead.

Although we had prepared for the trip just the night before, we still needed to prepare the small stuff we kept in our bags.

At around 10 am, we got an Über car to go to the bank first to finish some documents of Grams. We waited around 30 for the documents to be finished, then we ordered another Über for our hotel in Chicago.

I was asleep for most of the trip, but I realized that the sky was really cloudy in Chicago as compared to an hour before when we were in the bank.

We arrived at our hotel and it was already starting to drizzle. We got inside before the rain got worse.

Once we checked into our rooms, we checked for a fancy restaurant for Grams, preferably one that has good seafood.

We found this place called Shaw’s Crab House, but I found that the prices were a bit too steep. We tried finding other restaurants, but none were as good as Shaw’s according to reviews.

So we went to Shaw’s, which was really near to our hotel apparently. Just a walk down the street would get us there in 5 minutes or less.

When we got there at around 1:30 pm, they were still serving food at the buffet, which would close at 2, so that meant we had only 30 minutes to eat.

The choices were limited, however, to just American food. But even as there were not enough choices, the taste of the food made up for it.

The foods were divided into meats, seafood, and dessert. For the meats, there were sausages and bacon. For the seafood, there were shrimps and lobsters. Finally, for the desserts, there was an array of delicious chocolates and cupcakes.

We ate ’till we were full, and when Grams went to use the washroom, me and Mom got a few cupcakes and some candles so that we can sing Happy Birthday to Grams.

A kind person and his group sang along and more people started singing for Grams. She was genuinely surprised by it, and we got it on camera as well.

When we finished our lunch, we headed for our bus tour. We were going to tour Chicago on a tour bus and take in the experience.

Grams, however, was sleepy and took light naps along the trip. But we did see all the good places for an hour or 2 before we were dropped off at Navy Pier.

Navy Pier was almost like MOA and Manila Bay, except cleaner. There was a dock were there were cruise ships and boats all around.

The sea was stormy and the winds were blowing else because the storm came by and it was raining so bad that we had no other place to go but inside.

Navy Pier was like a strip mall. It was like a long line that had shops onto the side as you walked.

At Navy Pier, we got a fruit shake and some soup for Grams. We just charged our phones and waited out the storm in the meantime as we ate.

There was a group of teenagers in dresses and formals suits, and we were wondering what event was going on.

We guessed that there was either a wedding or a prom.

After our snack, we walked along the pier (inside the mall, as it was still raining heavily outside).We passed by a bunch of galleries and stores, one of which Mom wanted to buy me a shirt from.

A bit further down the mall, we found a dock with lots of students in front of a yacht, and that’s when we realized that there was actually a prom.

Oh, and it was a really nice yacht with lots of partying going on inside as I could tell.

Later on down to the end of the mall, I was asking Mom where we were headed, and she said that we were going back to the entrance.

I was puzzled because the main entrance was behind us, then Mom said that the mall was a loop and that we would end up back at the entrance. Even though I knew she was wrong, she still insisted we keep going ahead.

We reached the end of the mall, and as it turns out, I was right all along. There was no loop back to the main entrance. Meaning that we had to walk all the way back.

On the way back though, I found lots of cool boats to take a picture of, so that was worth it.

Before we exited the mall though, we got our free popcorn because we had a coupon inside our city guide.

When we got out, this was the worst thunderstorm I’ve seen here in America. Close to our typhoons back in the Philippines, this storm was really wet. When our Über driver came to pick us up, he had to go to the other side of the mall because he couldn’t stop in front of the taxi lane.

Me, Mom and Grams’ ran through the rain, and I wasn’t ready because my bag was open and the camera was still out.

By the time we reached out Über car, I was soaked from the waist down.

When we got back to the hotel though, I was really happy to take a shower. But when we entered the room, I saw a party bag that said ‘Happy Birthday!’ on it, meaning it was for Grams.

Apparently, the staff got Grams some goodies as a way of making their customers happy, and Mom said something about the hotel being really highly rated because of that.

We finally had a good night’s rest, because we had an early start tomorrow. We were going to watch the play My Fair Lady, and it was going to be a blast.

That was a rundown of 2 days ago, the first day we had in Chicago.

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