April 17, 2017: Education

Sometimes being at a school doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re smart. There are many other subjects to study about, and the regular schools just cover the most basic of subjects.

These schools just prepare you for the world out there, but lots of us can’t even retain the most boring of subjects that racked our brains for years. That’s why some people are classified as dumb or stupid, but that simply isn’t true.

And those subjects may be useless to you as well in particular. Unless you plan to be Albert Einstein 2.0 or Isaac Newton the 5th, there shouldn’t be a reason for you to study 4 years of algebra, geometry and trigonometry.

Believe me when I say that I never heard of those subjects before except for the fact they are extreme math. I plan to just stick with division and multiplication thank you very much.

One of the cool things about homeschooling is that we students have our own schedule, and that we can choose what to study, when to study and why.

For me, I have my blogging, which in itself is already English, Writing, English Comprehension, Language and Computer skills.

And I have to do 2 blogs a day plus writing down my Grateful Things, which is my daily dosage of LOA plus the subjects above as well as social interacting because I post this on Facebook.

I have to do my 1 Mile Walk, and study about the stock market as well, and I believe that kids and teen can learn more from stock market investing than school, and that they can even discipline themselves and prepare for their future.

Right now, I want to show the world my story, but it isn’t quite finished yet. But as I write my story, my English improves as well as my writing, punctuation, spelling, etcetera and ectetera.

As I have explained above, these are my reasons for me studying on my own.

If you really wanted to make yourself smart, give yourself a subject to study that you actually want to. Then, set apart some time for you to educate yourself and get better at what you do.

For me, education is supposed to be a way to find yourself, find the meaning of life by teaching you important duties, responsibilities so that you can find out what you really want to do what you were really meant to do.

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