April 15, 2017: Estate Sales

After the funeral comes the next concern: Estate Distribution, but in Gram’s case, Estate disposal (if there’s even such a word).

Lolo Bob had a lot of furniture and collectible items, and we think most of them are valuable.

So we called in some professionals to come and check out the prices of these items.  They’re called Estate Sales People.

They are the best people to contact and consult with when you need help disposing your valuable belongings.

The first was CHRIS, a nice guy with glasses. He searched through the items a bit, but even if he just glanced at them for no more than 5 to 10 seconds at a time, I could tell that he was doing his work thoroughly.

He specializes in checking out the items, determining the prices, and coming up with a solution to get rid of them as quickly as possible without losing as much profit that could be gained from selling it.

After discussing our options, we opted for either a buyout (meaning we sell all our furniture and items at a fixed price) or we do an Estate Sale.

Now the buyout would be the easiest because we would get rid of everything super quick, but it may not be worth it because the items are at a fixed price, and some of them may be worth more.

An Estate Sale would profit a lot more, but would be more tedious than a buyout, and it may take longer. One reason would be that we would require a large space to display items everywhere, and the apartment is already cramped.  It would also require manpower, which would require money to get some help with all these stuff.  Plus we need to get permission to use the front yard as it is not ours but the landlady’s, and we would need tables to set up the items.

The Estate Sales people will advertise the Estate Sale, and we could get a lot of customers as we are in a good neighborhood, and we would have extremely good sales from all the old timey items we have, and we’ll be able to get a lot of money from profit.

But it may last more than a day, as compared to the buyout where we can just roll the items out of the apartment, and the items leftover from the sale we’ll have to put back in the house.

Another such person is ROB.

2 days ago, the guy named Rob came over to our place to check out Lolo Bob’s collection of old stuff and such, and he gave us quite a hefty price for them, and this guy was a friend of Lolo Bob’s so we know we can trust him.

He specializes in antiques and old timey stuff like old coins, paper bills and other currencies.

We also showed him Lolo Bob’s cars and he said that there are certain contacts he knew of that could buy the cars for a decent price.

Just a while ago, another guy named ERIC came and checked out the specific items that were hard to dispose of.  Some items left behind when loved ones die are really confusing and complicated to get rid of, and sometimes you may never get rid of them.

But anyway, he checked them out, gave us some advice, and he got rid of them for us. All thanks to him, and we don’t have to worry about those items anymore.

So this is what the estate salespeople do. They check out your stuff and determine which course of action is best to take in disposing them profitably for you.

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