April 07, 2017: Happiness

Being happy is one best stuff that can ever happy to you. If you are happy, no one and nothing can get in your way, and the universe will open up all its possibilities to you.

Happiness can come from anywhere and everywhere. You can recieve a gift from someone and feel happy, or you can donate to street kids and still feel happy anyway. This world will never ever run out of happiness no matter what, because this is what the world runs on, is made of.

No successful person you see on TV has a scowl on his face, and even if he or she does, they were really extremely happy when they got their success from the universe.

Yes, happiness applies to success too.

On the way to success, if you give up, you feel depressed.

If you almost give up, but still keep going on with desperation, if you succeed, you’re on the border of depression and relief.

But if you just keep marching forward with courage and happiness in your heart telling you that you can do it, when you succeed, you’ll be so energized with happiness that you can do practically anything now.

So the key to success is happiness. You can’t be sad and successful at the same time. Only by being happy can ou get whatever you want.

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