April 05, 2017: The First Sunday of the Month

Sunday was a really eventful day for me. I’ll try to summarize it as much as possible without leaving too mamy details out.

Okay, on Sunday morning, I was extremely groggy that I wanted to knock myself to unconsciousness, but alas, me, Mom and Grams had to go to Mass.

I took a sponge bath, then proceeded to preparing for going out. Grams had to stay behind due to fixing herself a bit more. I showed Mom a shortcut through the park I used 2 years ago to get to the Church faster, then we ended up at the Church across the highway.

I was running on borrowed time as I was almost 5 minutes late to Mass. I realized that the 8:00 AM Mass 2 years ago was different now that there was a new priest here. I quickly introduced myself to the new people and immediately dressed up in my altar server clothes and headed for the procession.

As I headed there, I found my friends Anne Marie and Jan Paul, and the looks on their faces were amusing, as if they’ve seen a ghost, which I was apparantly at the time. I couldn’t help but smile every time I looked at them. We started our Mass procession, and then got to seat and started the Mass, I always looked at Jan Paul’s family because I missed them for the past 2 years.

After the Mass, I finally reunited with my friends. We caught up on lost time, then Mr. Jonkahns, the father of my friends, invited me over for lunch. And they wanted me to come too. So I got permission from my Mom who allowed me to go.

On the drive to the fancy restaurant Omega, I shared all my stories of Philippines, and I was extremely eager to tell them everything.

Once we got to Omega, I still had plenty of stories to share. We went in and I even showed them my friends from back home. Even over my penne al pesto me and my friends shared stories ’till after lunch ended.

We went back to their place, a quaint house that I’ve been to before, and me and Mr. Pope played basketball in their driveway, then walked to the park with Anne Marie. We fooled around on the slides, swings, and sandbox just because it was fun.

After we walked back to their house, I played on the Wii with Mr. Pope, and I gotta say, that was the best time I’ve ever had in a long time. After that, I took a ride back home, and that’s how my Sunday went.

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