April 04, 2017: Writer’s Block

One of the most common symptoms for this would be the inabilty to write, extreme boredom to the max, repetitive backspacing, unoriginality and lack of creativity, running out of ideas, complete distraction and side tracking, trashing saves and drafts, and simply stopping writing altogether.

By the way, I’ve experienced all of the above so I can say for myself and everyone that these feel extremely stressful and can carry on for days or even weeks. Sometimes months and years too depending on how strong or how weak their will is to write.

Last year when I was starting to write my book in June, my Mom gave me a deadline to finish my book, and it was in September. 3 months to finish my book. 3 MONTHS. And what kind of humans can do that besides genetically enhanced mutants?

Me apparantly (I ain’t Professor X though), because I finished my book on the second week of September 2016.

It had extreme challenges though. Barely 2 weeks into writing, I almost gave out due to no more ideas, perfection in writing, and complete distraction.

My Mom wouldn’t just give up though. She wanted me to zip up my mouth because I was using too many excuses as to why I didn’t want to write anymore. My Mom was a copy of Shia Labeuf because after I wanted to stop writing, she would just yell at me “JUST DO IT!”

After that, pace was slow, not as fast as when I first psyched to write a book due to boredom, and I was just pressured to write the book just because.

Pace then started to pick up in August, but it was still slow due to distractions and unoriginality, resulting in repetitive backspacing because of mistakes, and because of those mistakes, sometimes deleting save files.

I was listening to music just to block out all other sources of noise, and I had to resort to rock (Scorpions) to maximize the loudness of the music. It worked out somehow.

In September, my original date of completion for my book was supposed to be in the first week, but it wasn’t even halfway finished. My Mom gave me another 3 days to finish the rest of my book, else all hell break loose.

I finished the other half of my book in 3 days, around 25K words.

Needless to say, I got the break I deserved. I wrote my book, and I could take the whole week off.

Through sheer determination and pressure from all sources, as well as confidence and discipline, I finished my book. All logic about how boring writing is was thrown out the window. I never know how I did it, but it was probably thanks to my Mom that I even got halfway through, much less completing it.

Anyway, the moral lesson above would be to shut your mouth about excuses and deal with it. If you want to start a story, you better make sure you finish it. Walk the walk, talk the talk, and “JUST DO IT”

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