March 31, 2017: Writing

Some people like to read, others like to imagine, and the rest want to write books based on the stories they were inspired by for people who like to read, and the cycle contijues (I got caught in the loop too).

However, writing isn’t as easy as people think it is. Some people think that writing is just jotting down events that happened in the story, but you also have to jot down the personal interactions with the characters, the dialogue, their reactions and sound effects too.

Not to mention that if you want an expansive book or series such as the Harry Potter series, you’d have too make an extensive plot with a lot of story, describing in detail all the events down to the point.

Also add in the fact that you can really and excessively struggle through Writer’s Block, meaning losing the initiative to write, which I experienced within the 3 months I wrote my book.

There are good ways to overcome these though, so don’t get too discouraged.

First off, if you really believe that your story is truly amazing, you should really write it down, and then worry what other people would think about it after you finished writing your story, so you can edit the parts that need to be trimmed a little.

This way, you don’t have to worry about deadlines and such, and you can get a good product out of your writing.

Second, if your story is really just amazing, sell your book.

You would earn money, and people will actually appreciate the story. I don’t see any hit novel series being given out for free, except for PDFs on Google and such, but the point is, if people like it, they will buy it. So don’t be afraid to place a price on your story.

Third, if you can actually write a book and even publish it, even if it’s just a short story, you can call that an acomplishment in your life.

Writing a story is already an acomplishment in itself, so don’t be afraid to share what’s on your mind.

I wrote a book that is still not published because of publishing complications, and so I have to store it on the shelf for now, however, I have a brand new story in my mind that expands within universes and can break the laws of physics as well.

I’ll post the first chapter today or tomorrow, depending on how much I can write.

I’ll be writing chapter by chapter on my blog page my story from chapter 1 until the epilogue.

It’s gonna be more of a free version light novel series for now, but as soon as I complete my story on my blog, I’m going to compile all the chapters into a light novel PDF for sale, so that way I can at least earn some cash for my efforts.

If you ever have the chance to write a book, just tell your fellow noob-ish senpai writer here, and I can help you out!

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