March 29, 2017: 48 Hour Tuesday

This is a special blog, also impromptu, because I just want to share my experience before I forget about it.

So anyway, yesterday on March 28, we had a flight at 8:30 am, and so all of my family woke up 4 so we could go to the airport to say our goodbyes.

After we reached the airport and said goodbye, me and Mom checked in and had breakfast just before we got on our plane.

Our first stop was Hong Kong because our transfer flight was there, we got off and had to walk the length of the entire Hong Kong Airport, since the gate we got off was 74 and our transfer gate was 4, which felt like 2 miles or so even with the walkalators.

We got on our plane, and it seemed that our first flight was more accomodating and spacious than the one we were on, but something was better than nothing, so we stuck with it.

They served lunch, but I spilled my drink, and it wet my pants, so I had to dry it out. Other than that funny incident, nothing much happened on that trip.

But I watched a couple of movies like Mysterious Beast and Where to Find Them, Our Kind of Traitor, Moana, La La Land,┬áMiss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and other movies and shows.

The funny thing was, after I fell asleep, around midnight, when I woke up, it was morning, or specifically, still March 28, but in the afternoon.

Meaning that me and Mom travelled back in time, literally and technically.

We got off the plane at 3:00 pm, and not 6 hours ago was it almost midnight later that night.



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