March 29, 2017: Reason For Staying

So I’m not gonna sugarcoat anything, I’m just gonna state my reasons for being here.

My Lolo Bob, whom I stayed with for 6 months 2 years ago, had a stroke and shortly after, had a heart attack as well. Further diagnosis has shown that he also has Stage 2 Colon Cancer.

He’s currently staying at the hospital where he is recovering quite well, but he won’t be discharged anytime soon.

He’ll undergo medical procedure tomorrow, after which he would need to stay for another 3 months, until he is discharged in June.

After that, I will take care of him with the help of a certified caregiver for another 3 months.

I’ll also be helping Grams do all the rest of the duties Lolo Bob used to do such as paperwork, groceries amd such.

But after I do those stuff, I’ll be working as well on this blog, some vlogs, webinars and other places that would require my attention, and also reading at the library, whenever I could go.

But for the most part, I’ll be taking care of Lolo Bob and I’ll just be at his side, paying attention to him whenever he needs it, listening to his stories from when he played Jazz music, and when he met Grams, the Vietnam War, among other things.

He may not have much time left, which I pray I’m wrong about, and so I will make every moment with them count.

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  1. You are blessed to have that opportunity to bring love to your grandparents! I am jealous because I did not have a chance to show more to my grandparents!

    Your love is everything to them. Such a beautiful story. You are such a good grandson and they are so happy and lucky to have you in their life. More blessing JJ


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