March 25, 2017: Seminars

Me and my family are into speaking in front of a lot of people, and hoo boy, do I mean a LOT of them.

I remember one time we spoke at La Salle Lipa and gave a seminar about financial planning in front of over a thousand students 2 to 5 years older than me. No exaggeration over here folks, just plain hard truth that hurts like a rock.

Although I really enjoyed the feeling that I knew something that they didn’t and that a younger person than them could teach them older students something new.

And this also applies to almost every other seminar I go to. I teach older people to go invest, how to buy stocks and etcetera, and they actually listen to a kid for once!

Not just me, but my sisters and brothers too. My siblings and I are the pride of Mom and Dad and we make them proud by speaking to everyone we meet in the seminar.

Due to us being awesome, we have a good reputation around us and we just love going to seminars all the time.

I’m also considering being a public speaker and/or preacher like Ninong Bo Sanchez, because just listening to his talks makes me feel extremely inspired.

So whenever you see a financial seminar featuring my Mom, me and my siblings will most likely be there to teach and inspire everyone to make a bright future for themselves.

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