March 19, 2017: Wonders Of Imagination

Imagaination is a wonder no one can really describe. Some people think it’s happiness, others sadness, others love and affection, and lots of people a place of comfort.

But our imagination can in fact take on a form a a material object, a person, place, anything! And what’s more, you can see them directly in your mind, through all 5 of your senses!

You can see the object, feel it, taste it, hear it and smell it! You can twist and form your imagination into anything you wish and desire it to be!

You can imagine riding your brand new Lamborghini convertible on the highway in America, with your special person in the passenger seat, passing by the countryside full of flowers, with you drinking a soda and your special friend eating homemade snacks, looking at the sunset ahead of you, while a rainbow appears in the south and you smell the sweet scent of summer as you arrive in Vegas for the night.

An elaborate example as I have shown you, you can use this power of imagination to give yourself an immense amount of joy or an immense amount of sadness. Whatever you wish to imagine is up to you.

I can rant on and on about how amazing our minds are, and the imagination is just barely scratching the surface. And yet, come to think of it, our imaginations are much deeper and broader than we realize.

Take some time to imagine something good, something that makes you feel good. And I can promise you, a smile will appear on your face without you realizing it.

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