March 11, 2017: The Goverment Tour

Last March 9, in the Malacañang museum, there were a lot, and boy, do I mean a LOT of rooms, most of them being used for conferences and meetings, the rest being used for displaying items of interest.

The most beautiful room in the museum though, is the library, because it displays all the presidents’s biographies as well as the books they had collected and their personal items.

Also, the hall was really long as if the hall itself took up half the Malacañang museum itself, and the paintings were almost as long if put together.

I find it really interesting to research on the presidents of the Philippines, but it feels different to see the place where they lived itself.

I highly recommend anybody to see the museum for themselves if they really want to. It’s worth it.

The Supreme Court from an outside perspective looks like it went past its age by a longshot. But on the inside, they preserved the room really well.

The waiting lounge was a compressed version of the library from the Malacañang, and had an extensive section about law.

Going to the End Bank Session Hall, there were a lot of Chief Justices’ portraits on the hallway, both left and righg extendimg from 18th century something up till now. And they were all old men. I mean really old.

In the End Bank Hall, it was overwhelming in terms of where we were seated. If you looked at the panel where the judges are seated, you get the feeling as if you are inferior by a mile. And the panel required all Justices to be there.

Imagine all 15 of the judges with the highest titles in the land looking at you, it doesn’t give off a good vibe. Luckily, that room is only reserved for lawyers presenting papers.

We sat on the benches as our guide showed us videos as to how the Judiciary system came into place. After that, we asked all the questions we wanted. I asked most of them as I was interested in law.

Last but not least was the Senate. It was a large building and was kept in good condition. We went into the Senate Hearing Room, where they were preparing for a meeting.

When we went upstairs, the Senate had a chapel in it, and that’s where we waited while the other tour was inside the museum.

The museum was beautiful, on par with the Malacañang. There were a lot of treasures, and shiny ones too. They were given by foreign dignitaries and leaders.

There were also memoribilia from the impeachment of Chief Justice Corona, and the files were still available to read. There were robes of the previous senators, biographies and all, amd more treasures from abroad.

All in all, this experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and my friends, and I was able to learn a lot in one day, in one trip. I’m actually genuinely happy for coming on this trip.

All credit goes to The Flying Schoolbus and Tita Barbie for making this educational tour possible

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