March 6, 2017: Hobbies

One of my most favorite hobbies is watching anime, Friends, or anything comedy in general. They help me calm down in moments of frustration or anger, and simply help me wind down. (And just because I’m too much of an Otaku, even for one XD)

And another of the reasons that I like doing this is because of another favorite hobby of mine called “teleporting to candyland funzone”, or simply called imagining or daydreaming, extremely effective if you feel happy after you watch something good and funny, as stated by the first sentence of this blog. This is by far my most favorite hobby, because if you actually take a moment to think about it clearly, anything is possible! (You’re probably thinking something impossible is possible right now, right? *cheers to me!*)

I can think of worlds waging war against each other, a peaceful romantic sunset cruise, a saddening death of a character, a boring chess game turned into a Hunger Games-styled death match, and many other stories that I want to pen down, hence my writing hobby.

And while I’m the best storyteller/anime director/writer/anything else related to stories, it makes me feel great, it makes me feel happy!

And once I carve that determination into stone because I feel great, I take up another step into the world of hobbies, the first and greatest step for me and my future, my writing hobby.

It’s not a hobby per se, since I wrote my first book that I want to sell soon, but if you actually have to write down a story, it’s a whole different story (woohoo for terrible puns).

It’s quite hard to jot down ideas on pad, paper, and laptop since you have all these crazy ideas flowing into your mind each minute, like for example, I have a 6 season anime plot in my head, just waiting to be told, and that’s just one story alone among at least a hundred others.

But the truth is, I actually want to tell the world my stories, stories that can inspire, enlighten, entertain, rejuvenate, connect, amaze and transform people. And so even if it would take forever, I wouldn’t let go of this dream of mine, and I will definitely tell the world of my dreams and stories.

What about you? What are your hobbies? Can you change the world with them?

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