I Wrote & Published a Book, Finally!

I never really gave a serious thought about writing a book up until about a year ago.

On April 25, 2011, I wrote an email message to Bro. Bo Sanchez. It was my personal reflection on his teaching during the Feast that we attended. He said my story was beautiful and he urged me to keep writing because I have a gift.

Despite those reassuring words from a best selling author of multiple best selling books, I never followed through on his advice.

I stopped writing.

I did not feel the urgency or importance of writing a book.

And for so long a time, I lived my life devoid of any attempt to sharpen and improve my writing skills.

Somehow, the inkling that I should be writing a book never departed from me entirely. It creeps in to my consciousness from time to time.

Then something happened that made me scramble to finish my first book – JJ, our first child, is nearing adulthood and he was already having crushes.

As a family, we have always been together most of the time. But sooner than later, our kids will have to spread their wings and go places. They will be exposed to people with different upbringings, experience and values. 

Though my wife and I taught our kids the value and importance of right living through our day to day life experiences, I also want to emphasize in writing the importance of holding on and upholding ones principles specially when they are grown up and have their own respective families. 

Also, I am blessed in so many ways in different circumstances. The two wonderful blessings that I am enjoying for so long are the gift of an awesome family and a joyful marriage. Blessings that a lot of people wish for for but seem unable to obtain. I believe that it is my obligation to share the practices that helped me attract the good things so others can replicate the deed and benefit from it too.

Finally, I wrote the book to honor my wife who I love and adore. She has always been loving and supportive of me during the good and not so good times. I may be strong physically, but she is the most fierce, stubborn and persistent when it comes to achieving our goals for the well-being of our family.

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