What I Learned From Tony Robbins’ “Unleash The Power Within” Seminar

I did not voluntarily sign up for this seminar. My Sweetiepie signed me in. I’m glad she did. She knew I needed it.

Prior to the event, I did not have much of information about who Tony Robbins was or what he do except some videos of him I watched on youtube.

The three-day seminar was filled with a lot of learnings and practical applications of the ideas they taught.

UPW Singapore 2018

Here are my most important takeaway from the seminar

  1. It’s all in the mind. Success starts with the right mindset, that is, you believe that you can achieve it. By believing that your goal is achievable, your mind will be encouraged, if not forced, to formulate action plans and strategies to bring about your desired result.
  2.  Just do it. While we are yet to find the way on how to achieve success instantaneously, we are left with the time-proven formula of success which is to just do the necessary actions with fervor. If you do the necessary steps, then there is no other result than success getting within your grasp.

There is no longer secret to success.

We know that in order to be successful we have to be clear and certain of what we want, or the goal. We should believe that we can achieve it, and we should do the necessary actions to bring the desired result. These formula will make you successful.

It’s simple, but with be aware of the hindrance.

The first blockage is fear. The fear of failure, fear of success. Fear is brought about by the thought of something bad or anything undesirable happening as a result of your pursuit of a certain goal. But, if your goal is for your own good and the good of others without causing injustice, then there should be nothing to fear about.

The second blockage is the lack of a powerful why. There should be that compelling reason why you want to achieve that certain goal and failure of which would cause harm to the well being of other people you care about and a deep regret on your part. Without that powerful why, your mind will convince your body take it easy and relax because there is no rush. It will be easy for you to procrastinate and eventually forget to do the things you are supposed to be doing in pursuit of the accomplishment of your goal. You will soon find yourself going towards a direction opposite the goal you set to achieve.

Most importantly, the belief in the Almighty, Loving God who is cheering you on to succeed.

If your intention in getting successful is pure and noble, then there is no reason to fear or procrastinate. There is God, loving and merciful, who will always supply what you need. Just as I always say, “Miracles always happen at any given time.” Look at the lives of those people who dream big. They did not know how they are going to achieve their goals. They just believed it can be done. They knew they had to do it. And they succeeded, eventually.

The most important step in making your dream a reality is to take the first step and keep going one step at a time. It doesn’t matter how you pace yourself as long as you do not stop. 

As the movie Meet the Robinsons says, “Keep moving forward.”

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