Did I Just Learn How To Ride A Bike?

I did.

Finally, I can check this one off my bucket list.

Shocking I know, for those who acquired such ability during their childhood days.

Me? There was neither pressure nor interest to learn.

When I was about 5 years old, my parents bought a trike for me and by brother.

I did not have to learn how to balance with that one.

I eventually outgrew the thrill still riding that trike.

But every time I see one, there is that feeling of wanting to take it for a spin.

Then it happened.

With the perfect alignment of time, money, opportunity, my desire to learn and perhaps the moons and the stars together with the galaxies, the blessing of God and other heavenly beings, with the approval of my ancestors, I was holding the bike I had been keeping in my online cart for so long a time.

Well, the truth of the matter was, I asked my brother to include the bike in one of his online purchases. So, yep, it was a blessing for me, an expense for him. Thanks bro.

Did you happen to see those bike riders who fluidly and effortlessly negotiate those rugged terrains without breaking a sweat?

I imagined doing those things too. But reality hit me hard when I first tried to ride this shinny, new mountain bike.

Riding a bike for the the first time is a lot harder than it looks.

At this point, giving up is not an option.

Thanks to the video tutorials on youtube, I was able to pedal it for a memorable ride around the village.

As I stopped in one of my riding escapades for a water break, thoughts of lessons I learned from this bike saga suddenly came flooding in.

I hope these lessons give you new insights as they did to me.

I. You are never too old to lean new things. 

The old adage, “You can never teach an old dog new tricks”, is literally true, for dogs.

It does not apply to a person who is determined to learn something new.

I’ve met a centenarian who was actively monitoring the stock market via his ipad.
We always think that advances in technology is no longer within the mental grasp of old people but the truth is that they are terrified, lazy or simply lost interest to learn new things.

Our body does not limit our ability to do things, our mind does.

You see, our mind is like a double-edged sword. It can limit what our bodies can achieve, or it can show the limitless possibilities it can do.

The choice is yours to make. Whatever you choose, you are right.


II. Something ordinary in your life is in someone else’s bucket list.

While millions of people made riding bike an ordinary every day activity, it was one of the items in my bucket list.

I realized that what may be an ordinary thing for me is someone else’s goal or aspiration.

In fact, I am always surrounded by multitude of God’s blessings every single moment.

Unfortunately, blessings gradually become ordinary thing and eventually taken for granted because they are always available within our grasp.

A mistake that I, too, is guilty of.

I, therefore, resolve to continuously be mindful and grateful of all these blessings that I already have.

1. A lovely wife.
There is no really one word to exactly describe her. “She’s sun and rain, she’s fire and ice…”
She is strong and brave woman I can always depend on. For starters, she bore 6 kids and delivered 5 of them via C-section.I remember the time when we were in the hospital getting ready for Jake to be delivered. I had cold sweat, turned pale and on the verge of throwing up when I saw the nurse pushed the needle in her hand. I almost collapsed. So yep, she’s braver than I am. (Well, I was holding up pretty well until that s@#$% nurse pushed the needle and missed the vein.  The bad, she pulled the needle out, tried and missed again. That was when my stomach churned. The ugly,  she did it for the third time and missed again. That was the moment when I almost passed out. The good,  a different nurse came in and properly put the needle on one try.)

Feisty and assertive of what is right and just.
A loving wife and Mom. Firm but gentle in disciplining our kids.
Devout with her belief without being religious.
Compassionate to people who are down on their luck .
Generous to those who have less in life and readily helps those in need.
Intelligent and wise in matters that are important to a fulfilling life.
Renowned resource speaker on Stock Investment and Insurance topics.

2. Uplifting marriage.

Perfect? Nope.
Almost? Close enough.
Our marital relationship has been the incessant source of goodness and wonderful blessings.
We learned how to complement each other by accepting our weaknesses and depended on each others strengths.
Our matrimonial vow and the love that bound us has seen us through all the challenges that life has thrown our way.
We struggled, we fought, we wept, but every time the dust settles, there we emerge, bruised, wounded but still holding on to each other.
We always arise stronger than ever.
Our marriage is so beautiful it inspires us to love more and give more.
It guided and helped us build such a wonderful family.
It keeps on encouraging us to seek self-expansion and choose perfection every single day.

3. Five awesome kids.

Boisterous, healthy, loving, adventurous, intelligent, respectful, affectionate, happy, beautiful, awesome kids.
Of course, they are buds from healthy root stocks. A conglomeration of everything good and desirable from responsible parents (ahem).
Their voices, laughter and playfulness have continuously been enlivening our home and filling it with joy that bespeak of a life unmistakably exuberant.

4. Sharp mind and healthy body.

“Health is wealth” is true indeed.
The best way to enjoy life is to live it with healthy mind and body.
We are doing exactly that.
What a joy it truly is.

5. Optimus Prime

A name given by our kids and appropriately so. It is a hard-working car that accommodates and moves seven passengers with ease.
We have an active lifestyle. We travel a lot.
Our car made commuting convenient and comfortable.

6. Option to live on two different worlds.

Mountains or plains?
City or Province?
Cold or warm climate?

No worries, we do not have to choose one over the other.
We can live on both worlds.
At any given moment, we just board Optimus Prime and travel up to Mountain Province or go down to Metro Manila.
In both places, we have homes waiting to accommodate us.

7. Multiple Income Stream.

Money has been coming to us easily from multiple sources, even from ways and means we least expected.
There were many instances when we needed to spend large sum of money but the cash we have on hand was far too short.
Yet, we were able to settle them all from money coming from unexpected sources.
Thanks to my Sweetie who introduced me to the Law of Attraction.
I am not yet a master practitioner, but I am getting there slowly but surely.

8,9,10… And much more than I have the stamina to write in this blog, like my parents, mother-in-law, brother, relatives, friends, our coffee and cacao plants, my brewed coffee, the internet, my gadgets, the places I’ve been to, our dogs, strawberries and flower plants, soft bed and good night sleeps, spring water, food, etc. etc. etc…

But you know what, the two things that gave me great joy and still get me teary eyed every time I remember them were the times I’ve spent playing with and tickling my kids, and those intimate moments just hugging, snuggling with and romancing my Sweetiepie.

The beauty of it all is that I still get to do them even now.

I’m really, truly blessed and grateful for all these blessings I get to enjoy every day.

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  1. Violeta Depalog says:

    I had a wonderful time reading your blog. Thanks for reminding me to be grateful for all the blessings, huge or tiny I receive everyday.

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