JJ’s Speech During the 2nd Angat Pilipinas Financial Literacy Awards.


This is JJ’s speech during the 2nd Angat Pilipinas Financial Literacy Awards held at AIM Makati on September 24, 2016.

This was 1 speech he would remember his entire life. A few days prior to the event, he had allergies that resulted to sore throat, coughs and colds. He was frantic and googled for alternative medicines. He was curing himself with ACV, guava leaves, warm water/salt. The night before the event, he developed a fever and his cough had worsened so much so that he had to resort again to nebulizing (we’ve been successful on keeping him drug free for 2 yrs now). I asked if he’d like to miss the event, but he was positive he was gonna feel better. True enough, he did get well but he still had to nebulize at the venue itself. When he was called on stage earlier than scheduled, he panicked and he said his mind went blank for a moment. Luckily, he had his notes with him, so that saved him. When he spoke, we (the parents) could hear him catching his breath after every word he spoke as he was trying his best not to cough. I was praying the whole time that his asthma won’t kick in and my prayer was answered. Overall, we were just thankful he made it through.
JJ, happy 15th birthday to you. Know that Mom and Dad are so very proud of you, of who you turned out to be. More than your personal accomplishments (including finishing a book in 3 months and speaking in public), it’s the Moral Values you uphold that make us proud. We know you will go a long way.

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