Visiting The Majestic Mayon Volcano In Albay

It is the perfect cone-shaped volcano in the world.

Truly majestic to behold specially to us who have seen it in person for the first time.



My Sweetie was invited by GACPA on their yearly national convention to talk about Financial Literacy which includes information about sound financial planning, insurance, estate planning and stock investment.

And as we have been doing in all of my Sweetie’s speaking engagements, we allotted some time to get to know the place…



and catch up with college friends who seemed to have defied the law of ageing.



And being true to its origin, we had so far the best tasting Bicol Express in Hotel St. Ellis in Legazpi City.

The ruins of Cagsawa church is absolutely beautiful. But I had that pervading eerie feeling knowing that this majestic view was formed from a violent occurrence in the past that brought about loss of thousands of human lives.


It is, in fact, a lesson that mother nature has the last word and there is nothing humans can do to defy it.

At the same time, it is also a testament that mother nature carves out and paints the most beautiful scenery ever created.



Thank you Albay. We will be back again in the near future to discover more of your beauty.

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