Bohol Family Escapade

Every year, Bro. Bo Sanchez treats all his staff and their immediate families to a 3-day out-of-town trips.

The Bo Sanchez Inc. (BSI) outing for this year was in Bellevue Resort, Panglao, Bohol on April 25-27, 2016.

Normally, it would require at least 4 alarm clocks going off at the same time for the next 5 minutes before the kids will budge from their slumber. But this time, everyone was excited that they were all up and ready before any of the alarms went off.


We boarded Air Asia @ NAIA Terminal 2.


Landed @ Tagbilaran Airport.

Tagbilaran Airport

We checked in at the Bellevue Hotel in Panglao, Bohol.

Bellevue Hotel

Bellevue Hotel

Bellevue Hotel

This outing gave us a chance to relax and reinvigorate our mind, body and spirit. It also provided us, specially to our kids who are being home schooled, the information and insights about the people, culture, tradition, topography, history, natural resources and tourist attractions of Bohol.

Chocolate Hills


These conical and domed-shaped mounds which are almost symmetrical in shape are made up of limestone. There are about 1,700 of these mounds. Green grass covers these mounds during rainy months that turn brown during summer, hence the name Chocolate Hills. Chocolate Hills is an example of Karst Topography which is a landscape formed from the dissolution of soluble rocks such as limestone, dolomite, and gypsum and characterized by underground drainage systems with sinkholes and caves.



The interesting facts told by our guide that stuck into my brain are:

1.  Tarsiers are small, big-eyed nocturnal animals that feed mostly on insects.

2.  They have the ability to turn their heads 180° in either direction. Not 360° as generally known. Doing so would break their neck.

3. They commit suicide when they get stressed or traumatized by banging the soft part of their head on anything hard. This is the reason why loud noise and flash photography are prohibited when visiting the Tarsier territory. Petting has also been discontinued. I, too, am against touching or petting wild animals. Doing so would definitely stresses, scares and traumatizes them as humans are perceived by them as threat.


Dolphin Watching


We woke up early to go Dolphin watching. The dolphins seemed to have been expecting us and put on a show. The issue, I suspect, is that they get disturbed by the boat loud engine so they stayed far and would stay underwater every time the boats get near them. A pair of binoculars would be very useful if you want to watch them up close.


In Bohol, the plaza, church, government building and cockpit arena are built alongside each other in every Town. Each town has its own fiesta in celebration of its Patron Saint. In fact, March is the only month where there is no fiesta being celebrated in Bohol.

This outing has really taught us a lot about nature.


To wake up at dawn, breathe the cool sea breeze and glance at the rising sun.

Jaq Starfish

See, touch and feel something new.

JM Starfish

Maybe get to know it by its scent.

JMJ Family

Or observe a tiny hermit crab up close. Even shells have interesting features that entice the curious minds.


You might even get a surprise, like a tiny kid appearing from a clam just like a genie coming out from a lamp. (Oops, sorry, upon closer look, it was just a camera trick.) But the clam has a mustache, and that is also a surprising feature nonetheless.

JMJ Family

To feel the warmth closeness of family bonding…

Me and Sweetie

and the joy of a loving each other (She ain’t heavy, she is my Sweetie).

All these have been added to our bank of awesome memories that were etched in our minds and hearts forever.

JMJ Family with Bro bo

Once again, we are grateful for the goodness and generosity of Bro. Bo for making all these wonderful experiences come true, and to God for whose Glory we dedicate all that we do.


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