JJ Travels solo to the US


JJ @ NAIA Terminal 1

JJ is now 13 years old.

When I was at that age 27 years ago, the farthest place I visited all on my own was merely 25 kilometers from my hometown.

That distance may seem unremarkable in today’s travel standards but for me then, it was a highly exhilarating experience given the fact that I was born high up in the mountains where travelling for pleasure was usually for the financially privileged.

I spent couple of hours roaming the place before boarding a Jeep headed for home.

As I sat on that Jeep waiting for it to be filled up with passengers,  I cannot stop wondering where the road further leads to or where will it end.

That sense of wonderment induced in me the desire to see and experience what lies beyond the confines of the mountains where I grew up.

Since then, I was able to travel to parts of Asia, North America, Middle East and Europe.

My travels to various parts of the world and my dealings with different kinds of people with diverse cultures have broadened my knowledge and understanding about the matters that surround me.

Reading about them in the books or magazines and watching them in movies are all good but to actually see and experience them is the best.

We believe that experience is the best teacher and it is by experience that our kids can properly discover, grow, enhance, sharpen and master their gifts.


Courtesy of moosetique.com

As there is no other way for the Eagle to learn how to fly except by spreading its wings and jumping off its nest, so too are our kids if they are to discover and master the full breadth of their potentials.

This is the reason why my Sweetie and I wanted our kids to go see and experience the world.


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