Hopping Through The Hundred Islands In Pangasinan

We often welcome the new year outside Metro Manila.

We do this because, firstly, we are bothered by the noise and foul smell of thousands of firecrackers that our neighbors light up each and every new year celebration. Secondly, since we love visiting places around the country and the world, we want to start every year on a vacation and travel mode.  And there is no better way to start a year than to actually be on vacation.

The first thing you notice when you get to the beach in Hundred Islands is, well, the many small islands that dotted the sea.


But aside from that obvious feature, the other nice qualities of the beach are the crystal clear clean water and the smooth white sand.




There are also various activities in the area that keep you occupied the whole duration of your visit.

1.  Island Hopping

Most of the big islands have been given names and were developed to provide entertainment facilities and food services.






2.  Kayaking

With clear and calm water, you will surely enjoy kayaking.




3.  Snorkeling and fish watching

With a crystal clear water, watching sea creatures in their natural habitat is such a wonderful encounter. Do not miss this experience, especially for your kids.

If your kids are into swimming activities, then I suggest that you bring their snorkel and swimming goggles if you have or just buy a new one. You won’t regret it.


But while her siblings were having a grand time in the water, Jme observed them from the boat with the look of determination to learn how to swim in order to join them soon in our future swimming escapades.



4.  Zipline Ride 

The lines may be short for adults, but long enough to give the kids a blast of excitement.





5.  Helmet Dive

Using a helmet supplied with air from above, you can go 12 to 15 feet below the water surface where you can see an artificial reef (meaning humans have set it up).


You will see sea anemones, touch clams and encounter different species of fishes. We chanced upon Nemo stubbornly clinging to its home even as we touched it.


Take note that there is certain height requirement for children to be allowed to make the dive.

6.  Meditation

This might seem unusual but with this kind of beauty surrounding you, you cannot help but sit in awe and appreciate the moment. Like when Kuya JJ was hit by this phenomenon, or perhaps just posing for some nice photo. I couldn’t really tell and I did not bother asking him. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt.



7.  Diving in a cave

If you had previous experience with skydiving, bungee jumping and other death-defying sports, then this cave jump will not raise a hair in you at all.

For me, this was the most exhilarating experience for this whole trip. It was the first time I came face to face with fear in the flesh.

I wrote a separate account about this experience because the drama requires an entire blog.

Are you brave enough to go inside this cave to dive into pool and swim your way out into the open sea via a small opening on a rock?


I did, and I lived to tell all about it in this blog.

There are many activities to do and places to visit here in Hundred Islands and a day is not enough to do all these things.

If you have only a day to spend, then it would be best to start your day early like 5:00 a.m. so you would be able to see and experience all that you can before the day ends.

It was indeed a great experience for all of us.



Again, we are grateful to the Sisters of the Carmelite Monastery Of The Immaculate Heart Of Mary for accommodating us during the whole duration of our vacation.


We hope to visit you again in the near future.

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