We are The JmJ Family

We are unconventional family in many ways.
5 wonderful kids not seen in modern families.

All of them are homeschooled.
Their library is the whole wide world.

I love my kids. I love my Wife.
It gives a feeling that is so nice.

We love each other so much.
We just want to keep it as such.

But at other times, we bicker, we fight.
Our hearts fail to see the light.

But we need them for the contrast they give.
We learn to forgive.

Then we clearly see,
that love and harmony are such wonderful recipe of our happy family.

It has been our goal to teach our kids by example.
That way, it makes the lesson a bit simple.

So, instead of telling on them,
we just show them.

We believe that experience is the best teacher,
but we also give them pieces of wisdom that matter.

We love travelling together.
Moments that will be etched in our memories forever.

Photos of the wonders of the world are nice,
but nothing compares if they capture the scenes with their own eyes.

We try to be together in everything.
Because we really like sharing.

As Father Patrick Peyton aptly stressed over and over,
“The family that prays together, stays together.”

We pushed this adage a bit further.
“The family that travels together, pukes together.”

Given that we usually travel by car,
it has already become our motto so far.

Me, my beautiful Sweetiepie and our kids are filled with so much gratitude,
for all the countless blessings that are being lavished upon us by God Who is so Good.

It is our joy and desire to become an inspiration to any family,
who wants to defy the norms of societal conformity.

But at the same time fearful and edgy,
of being labeled as an outcast by the community.

To you we say:
“Hey, look at us we are okay.”

It has been a wonderful journey for our family.
And we really like to keep it that way.

God bless.


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